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Our Staff and Committee

The preschool is run by an elected committee of parents/carers with children attending the preschool.  This ensures that major decision making is in the hands of the parents/carers who use the group.  The committee is responsible for renewing both policy and practice within the group and for the employment and appraisal of members of staff.


Our Annual General Meeting in which the committee for the year is elected, is held in November and parents are given plenty of notice so they can attend.

Our Staff

Manager/Designated Safeguarding Lead: Amanda 


OUR BUTTERFLY ROOM (3–4-year-olds):


Key Person: Jane (Orange) + Team Leader/Deputy Safeguarding Lead

                       Jade (Blue)                                                               

                       Rhea (Yellow) + SENCO

                       Haley (Purple)


OUR CATERPILLAR ROOM (2–3-year-olds):


Keyperson: Lyndsey (Dragonfly) + Deputy Safeguarding Lead

                      Jess  (Bumblebee) 


Assistants: Merv and Mary   

Our Committee


Chairperson: Sabire Fikri

Treasurer: To be confirmed

Secretary: To be confirmed

Dear Parent/Carers


We urgently need your support……


As you may already be aware St Mary’s Under 5’s Preschool is a Parent Committee run preschool and as such we urgently need parents to step up and be a part of this Committee.  Without one the preschool would be unable to run legally and may be forced into closure if we cannot meet the requirements of the constitution.



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